Third Link Investment Managers Pty Limited (Third Link) is a private company founded by Chris Cuffe. The directors are Chris Cuffe and Ashley Owen. The shares of the company are owned by a private trust for which Chris is sole trustee and appointor. The beneficiary of the private trust is the Cuffe Family Foundation which has been established to facilitate charitable giving.

Third Link has been appointed by Fundhost to invest and manage the investments of Third Link Growth Fund (the Fund). Third Link holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL 321611). Fundhost is the Responsible Entity for the Fund.

All fees received by Third Link from managing the Fund's investments, net of expenses incurred, support a group of charitable organisations that help Australian children and young people to thrive.

Chris Cuffe and Ashley Owen do not earn any fees or salary or any other financial benefit from their involvement with Third Link.

Chris is the portfolio manager within Third Link for the Fund. Should Chris one day cease his involvement with the Fund (for example, for health reasons or if he ceases to be a director of Third Link) then Ashley Owen or other appropriately skilled persons would assume this role. Fundhost may also choose to appoint another qualified investment manager.

Fundhost Limited may terminate the appointment of Third Link with twelve months (or a lesser time if agreed between Fundhost and Third Link) prior written notice providing this is approved by a resolution passed at a meeting of unitholders.