You may decrease your investment in the Fund by making a request to withdraw units. The minimum amount you can withdraw is $20,000, or the balance of your account if it is less than $20,000. If a withdrawal request would result in the value of your remaining investment being less than $20,000, we may treat your request as being for the whole amount of your investment in the Fund. We will contact you first in such situations. We reserve the right to vary the minimum withdrawal amount or minimum account balance at our absolute discretion.

We may also compulsorily withdraw your investment if any of the following circumstances occur:

  • where we suspect the law prohibits you from being an investor in the Fund;
  • if you become a non-resident of Australia for tax purposes;
  • as otherwise permitted by the Fund’s constitution; uif the investor has breached it’s obligations to TIS; or
  • to satisfy any amount due to us by you or that we owe  someone else relating to you (for example to the tax office).

Withdrawal requests must be in writing or on a Withdrawal Form and should be mailed or delivered to Citi Unit Registry Services at their address shown on the front of this PDS. Faxed or emailed withdrawal requests will not be accepted  (except as otherwise agreed with us in advance).

Withdrawal requests must be validly signed and include the Fund name, your investor account ID, the amount to be withdrawn (or number of units), bank account details for the payment of the withdrawal amount, and a phone number where we can contact you during business hours in case we need to ask you any questions about your request.

A withdrawal form is available from the Third Link website (see link above) or please contact Third Link directly.

Withdrawal requests received before 3.00pm AEST on a day that is 10 clear business days before the end of a month will usually be processed using the unit price calculated at the end of that month. If a withdrawal request is received after that, the request will be processed using the unit price calculated at the end of the following month.

There may be circumstances where your ability to withdraw from the Fund is restricted and you may have to wait a period of time before you can redeem your investment, for example, where we consider it is not reasonably practicable to dispose of assets to determine a unit price or where the Fund becomes illiquid.

Please contact us on 1300 793 855 or by email at should you require further information.